In the early 1970's this young man pictured had a vision. This is Barrie Heath, he was an Ambulance man at Gainsborough, he became leading Ambulance man, then Sub-Officer, then Station Officer. He is pictured  with the trophy and prize he won for Ambulance Driver of the year.

Driving and road safety were very important to Barrie and he was a member of both Grimsby and Lincoln Advanced Driving Groups.Barrie passed his IAM test on the 14/02/1973. In May 1975 he passed his "League of safe drivers" class 2 and then again class 1, he also achieved the silver star for C.A.M.D.A., and on the 25th July he was appointed D.O.E., A.D.I. Barrie was also appointed test examiner for South Humberside Ambulance service, and was eligible to drive public service vehicles, driving part time for Hornsby's.  

 In 1976 he was the secretary of a sub-group within the Scunthorpe area along with other members. Initially Mr Bill Murray was Chairman, Mr Vic Nicholls was Treasurer, and along with other members like Mr Ayto, Miss Richardson, Mr Vessey, Mr Robinson and Mr Terry Heath they all worked tirelessly to get the sub- group going. Supporting them all the way were members of the parent groups Grimsby and Lincoln.

At an Inaugural meeting on the 21st April 1977 with 50 test passes achieved Barrie proposed that a full group be formed, the proposal was seconded by Vic Nicholls and agreed unanimously and the Scunthorpe Group was born. The new committee were then formed and Mr Glyn George became chairman, Mr J Ayto was Vice Chair, Mr Vic Nicholls Treasurer, Mr Barrie Heath Secretary. Other members included Terry Heath, Mr P Burman, Mr R Robinson, Mr R. Vessey, Mr A. Barratt, Mrs Betty Brown, Miss J Richardson, Mr T. Bolton and Mr Bill Murray.

On the 3rd June 1977 just a couple of months after the group was formed Barrie died suddenly after his third heart attack, he was only 32. His sudden and untimely death had not only devastated his family and friends, but had also left a massive hole within the group structure.
At a committee meeting in late June it was agreed that Glyn George remain as Chairman, Vic Nicholls became acting Secretary and Betty Brown became acting Treasurer, and so the group went on.

Because Barrie had been  a member of both Lincoln and Grimsby Groups it was decided with his widow Val's permission to hold an annual fun quiz night where the groups could compete for the "Barrie Heath trophy", There weren't  too many rules except that the winning team hosted the next one and did not compete and that it should be lighthearted and fun. Over the years the quiz has been well received and has taken all sorts of different routes, some more challenging than others! And more recently we have been joined by the Lincolnshire Advanced Motorcyclists.
We sincerely hope that you will continue to support this event and the Scunthorpe Group. 
Barrie's widow Val was also the first lady to pass the test in the Scunthorpe group.

Having a role model like Barrie for a brother I suppose it was inevitable that Terry Heath would also develop a passion for driving and road safety. Barrie, as well as being a Station officer, and an advanced driver  also played guitar professionally in a band. Now Terry can't play guitar and he definitely can't sing!, but he's achieved one or two accolades along the way that Barrie would have been proud of. He has received not one but two commendations within his work for the police, he's been an observer for the group, also doing observer training, check testing and chief observer, he has successfully helped over 200 members through their test,  and most recently has become a mentor trainer for the new masters test within the IAM. The new masters test will shortly be replacing the special assessment test. Not forgetting of course that for several years now he has also been chairman of the Scunthorpe Group. A role which he has taken very seriously and has been proud to do.

Over the years there have of course been many many people that have supported the group in all sorts of roles both on and off committee, far to many to name, but we would like to say a very big thank you to them all. Without their determination and drive the group would not have survived. Thankfully it has and I know the Barrie would have been extremely proud of the groups achievements, as is his brother Terry.

 This is only a short piece about Barrie and the origins of the group,I have tried to be as accurate as I can with information given to me. If anyone reading it knows anything that happened differently then please let me know. 


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