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Posted by Jan Burditt on 25/03/2014

Hi, just looked through the Scunthorpe website and found it very informative! Lots of useful information for a trainee advanced driver like myself. Can't wait to get cracking!!

Posted by Ray Wild on 06/09/2012   Email

Found this new look site as I was having a last fling on the computer before shutting it down for the night. 45 minutes later I'm typing this! Great site Carol!

Posted by Roy Hindmarsh on 03/07/2012

Very good, and never realised I had so many shirts

Posted by paul johnson on 10/06/2012   Email

Hi Carol another great job website very good. Thank you for all your hard work

Posted by Brian Viney on 09/06/2012

Hi Carol, ringing the changes again, the new website is very striking and easy to navigate, congratulations.

Posted by Malcolm on 16/02/2012   Email

The £99 offer is a real bargain. Let's hope there are many takers while funds allow.It's the best time of year to start the course.

Posted by Lesley Viney on 20/01/2012

Congratulations, Carol, on a job well done. Nice to know you have succeeded where the men have failed to establish a website. It seems very comprehensive and gives a good idea of the Scunthorpe Branch.

Posted by Brian Viney on 04/10/2011

Very good website carol, far to much information to read at one sitting, I'll be back. What ruins it is 5 pictures of me.

Posted by paul johnson on 12/12/2010   Email

Great site. Thank you Carol for all your hard work.

Posted by Brian Viney on 03/12/2010

Nice clear and open website, very easy to navigate, nice one Carol

Posted by Julie curtis on 28/11/2010

Great site really helpful. Lots of info to get you started ;)

Posted by Deborah heath on 27/11/2010

Fantastic professional looking website with loads of handy hints! Great work!

Posted by Mike Islip on 25/11/2010   Email

Well done for an excellent informative website.

Posted by Sue Harris on 24/11/2010   Email

Hi Like the new web site.

Posted by Roy Hindmarsh on 24/11/2010   Email

Well done Carol a very good site, and well done Terry for supplying her with the tea. Photography on the gallery pictures is good.

Posted by Helen Westoby on 24/11/2010   Email

Another masterpiece by Carol, loads of information for anyone who is interested, keep the kettle hot Terry.

Posted by Ben Wood on 20/11/2010   Email

loving the new website, well done! From Ben, PRO.

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